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Fast & Fresh: A 10 Day Healthy Kickstart Guide

Are you ready to feel like your best, most energized self? Of course you are!

Fast & Fresh is a 10 day guide that takes the overwhelm out of decoding healthy eating. Say goodbye to smoothie days and starvtion diets. This guide shows you how to eat healthy and still eat delicous (filling) food!

*A meal plan created for busy food lovers!

What's in the guide

I'm about to send you everything you need in order to crack the code on heatlhy eating. And take control of meal time to keep your weight and health in check!

✔ Recipes that'll take no more than 30 minutes!

✔ Itemised shopping list to make you sure you're in n' out at the grocery store.

✔ The Sunday prep list to make sure the rest of your week is super speedy!

✔ The truth about carbs, fats and protiens.

✔ A immediate difference in 10 days

✔ A gorocery store guide to empower you and take the guess work out of nutrition labels and healthy eating.

Simple and Healthy Recipes


We've got you covered from sun up to sun down with simple recipes that won't take you more than 30 minutes! 

Sunday (or any day!) Prep List

Dominate Dinner

Save your time, your money and your sanity. Print off and take your organised list with you and get out of that store and back into your life!

Itemised Shopping List (to take with you!)

Getting Organised

Get in and out at the grocery store by shopping from an itemised list that's organized by sections and aisle.

Pick Up Your Summer Kickstart Today!

Say yes to simple whole foods and a healthier happier you!

You can do anything for 10 days, right? You'll notice a difference right away as you start to fuel your body with lots of plants and whole foods. You'll have more energy and motivation to keep making healthy changes in your life. 

Fast & Fresh is a simple and easy way to kickstart your journey to healthy. You'll save time and money every week. You'll essentially hit the "reset" button on your health. And you'll more than likely lose a few pounds along the way!

So say yes! to a healthier (leaner) you! 

Will this plan work for me?


The Fast & Fresh Meal Plan was designed for hustlers and boss babes who want to make a shift to healthy eating!

With that in mind we've made the recipes simple and flavour focused, not to mention quick for your on-the-go lifestyle.

We've broken down meal prep for speedy dinner times. 

Every recipe has had the nutrition info claculated, so you know exactly what you're eating.

All the recipes have been dietitian approved, so you know this is the real deal.

You'll look and feel your best.

Deborah Thompson is a trained chef who's fallen in love with healthy eating and empowering people when it comes to cooking healthy delicious meals.  

Debs is the recipe creator and photo taker at Salted Mint. Jonathan, the other half of Salted Mint is a professional photographer and has taught Debs everything behind the lens, and she shows him the ropes in the kitchen. A match made in heaven!

Get Your Kickstart Today!

Get the health you've always wanted without sacrificing flavour!

Imagine the energy and motivation you'll have 10 days from now! 

PS and a smaller jean size!