How To Make  The Best Grilled Sirloin with Peppercorn Sauce

This easy steak and peppercorn sauce recipe is like a steakhouse in your own kitchen.  No reservations required!

Get your pan or grill nice and hot so that you get the perfect sear! Let your steak come to room temperature so it cooks evenly!

Start with the best foundations

And some fresh rosemary for the perfect balance!

You can use all black peppercorns or the tri-colored ones.

Look for beef with lovely marbling and a nice layer of fat

Once your steak is perfectly cooked let it rest for about 15 minutes.  This part is crucial and will make the difference between steak at home and "steakhouse steak at home!"

Serve your steak with the homemade peppercorn sauce and mashed potatoes or chunky fries! The perfect Valentine's Day date night in, without making reservations!