How To Make  Gourmet Prosciutto Pizza

Dump your delivery boy and make your own pizza from scratch!  It's so much easier than you think! 

Drizzle with some olive oil and honey, and top with peppery arugula, sweet fresh figs (optional) and creamy goat's cheese for the perfect gourmet pizza.

Start with the best foundations

Bake yourself A pizza better than any money could buy!

Soft and Fluffy Pizza Dough

The Best Pizza Sauce

Start with your own homemade pizza dough!  This is really easy and it makes a few pizza bases that you can freeze for later.  Or you can use a store-bought pizza base. No judgement!

I use my homemade arrabbiata sauce for some extra spice. It's easy to make and goes amazing with the salty prosciutto and peppery arugula. But you can use store-bought, too.